Westmoreland Personal Injury Attorney

Kenneth Burkley has four decades of experience helping people receive fair compensation for injuries that occurred because of someone else’s negligence. The Westmoreland County attorney works on various issues within the personal injury law practice area, from car accidents to dog bites. His main focus, however, is his clients. He wants to help you recover and move on to a better life without having to worry about huge medical bills and a recalcitrant insurance company.

Westmoreland County Personal Injury Lawyer

Speak with Mr. Burkley after the incident that caused you harm. He’ll listen to your side of the story before giving you an honest assessment of your case and advising you on how to proceed. He’ll want to know what you hope to happen; do you want a speedy resolution or are you willing to go through lengthy litigation to receive the kind of compensation for your injuries you want? Will you need to fight for lost wages because you’re out of work? Mr. Burkley can be the tough and savvy negotiator to get you what you need. An experienced courtroom master, he will take on trucking companies, insurance companies or hospitals, unafraid of their large legal teams who have little else to do than make lives miserable for people like you. Ken Burkley will be in your corner, fighting hard to get a fair and just result.

Experienced Attorney in Westmoreland County Handles Personal Injury Lawsuits

When someone else’s mistake or negligence causes the death of a loved one, you will be rightfully angry and concerned. Ken Burkley can channel your anger into a lawsuit against the wrongdoer. He’ll go after the accused with all of his experience and determination to make sure that you and your family receive fair compensation, and he may be able to make sure the person or company doesn’t harm others.

If you are injured in an accident and suffer a serious injury, call Kenneth Burkley as soon as you’re able. He can help you or a loved one get on the road to recovery and move on from a difficult situation to live your best life.

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