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With 40 years of experience as an attorney, Kenneth Burkley is one of the premier litigators in Westmoreland County. The former Fayette County Solicitor has presented cases to the courts on a variety of civil law matters from personal injury cases to representing local high schools and governmental offices. He has appeared before state and federal appeals courts and the Pennsylvania Supreme Court. All that experience isn’t just for show, as he has emerged victorious after hundreds of court appearances, including the State Supreme Court case.

Westmoreland Count Civil Litigation Attorney

Mr. Burkley could not have reached the career heights he has today without possessing the skill set to be a successful litigator. That governmental organizations have entrusted him with the solicitor’s job evinces widespread trust in his ability and knowledge of the law. His lengthy career is a testament to his devotion to the law and justice. His multiple victories on behalf of his clients in criminal trials and civil litigation may be the only evidence you need of his skill as a litigator.

Civil disputes aren’t always resolved in the court room. Litigation includes a lengthy process before the trial actually begins where parties take a deep dive into the facts of the case to craft a winning argument based on those facts and the application of the law. While this is happening, both sides will be looking for a way to resolve their case without going to court, to determine how much stronger – or weaker – is our case compared to the opposing party.

Successful Westmoreland County Attorney Handles Civil Litigation

Mr. Burkley can make a great case to his opposition that they don’t stand a chance. He can make a case for a motion to dismiss through his extensive knowledge of prior cases, how the courts in Westmoreland County and the state of Pennsylvania decide matters. He can build an argument based on the facts to bring a quick resolution to your case. He can negotiate on your behalf if that is what brings you the result you desire. He will always keep you abreast of what is going on with your case and respond to your questions with deliberate speed. He will be honest with you and use the most efficient means to present your case to the bench. When you need an experienced litigator to represent you or your business in court, call the Law Offices of Kenneth Burkley as soon as possible.

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