Criminal Defense Attorney in Westmoreland

Criminal Defense and DUI attorney Kenneth Burkley has 40 years of experience getting justice for his clients. He has proven he is unwilling to allow the criminal justice system take advantage of his clients. He cares about his clients as people first, and he will spend more time working on your defense than your bill, unlike some defense lawyers.

When you are facing misdemeanor criminal charges, the first thing you should do is contact Mr. Burkley. He can give you advice on what to do next. You may feel that the best thing to do is pay the fine and be done with it, and he may agree. However, some misdemeanor charges can negatively impact your life for the long term. A DUI charge may be one of those misdemeanor charges.

DUI Attorney in Westmoreland County

In Pennsylvania, the first-time offender faces no more than a fine if your blood alcohol count (BAC) is relatively low (yet still above the limit). In fact, the BAC at the time of your citation is a significant factor in the level of penalties you will face. If you have additional DUI citations within 10 years, you could be facing significant jail time and large fines. You could lose your license, your ability to drive to work or take the kids to school.

So then, it may be important to deal with those initial DUI charges, getting them dropped completely or reduced severely so that it doesn’t result in the additional jeopardy in case you make another lapse in judgment and drive under the influence. You need an experienced attorney who knows the criminal courts in Westmorland County well, who knows how to get charges reduced or dismissed, who knows how to get you out of a tough spot, who can make sure that law enforcement treats you fairly.

Experienced Criminal Defense Attorney in Greensburg Handles Felony Cases

Felony charges against you threaten to send you to jail, cost you thousands of dollars and a loss of your rights as a citizen. Ken Burkley will move quickly to begin your defense as soon as you’re taken to custody. The prosecution is already making decisions about your future, so should your defense attorney. He will protect your rights from unlawful arrests and searches, make sure that the law enforcement conduct was above board and discuss it all with you before making a move. You will be rightly concerned about your future when facing felony charges. However, hiring an experienced criminal defense attorney like Ken Burkley will give you a confidence boost. Call him as soon as you find yourself in trouble with the law, don’t delay.

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