Experienced Westmoreland County Attorney

Kenneth Burkley is one of Westmoreland County’s premier attorneys. His criminal defense and personal injury law practice is highly rated by his peers inside the area and by outside experts alike. Former clients rave about his passion for justice as well as his calm manner inside and outside court. Since 1974, he has been serving as a public official, showing his commitment to the people in Westmorland County. Mr. Burkley will bring that sense of commitment and drive to help to your case, whether you face serious criminal charges or want help getting fair compensation for an accident.

Premier Westmoreland County Attorney

Mr. Burkley has a long record of success in court. The former State Supreme Court Clerk and County Solicitor received recognition from Martindale-Hubbell for his litigation skill, developed over years of practice in criminal defense and personal injury law.

Criminal Defense

In his criminal defense practice, Mr. Burkley is unafraid of the tough cases. He handles anything from DUI to felony assault, firm in the belief that all people have the right to a competent defense against criminal charges. Thanks to his experience and frequent contact with the county government, he knows what will force the prosecution’s hand in difficult plea negotiations. With his litigation skill, you can go to court confident you will have a strong advocate on your behalf. His knowledge of criminal procedure is astonishing. He’s argued – and won – a tough case before the Pennsylvania State Supreme Court (Commonwealth of Pennsylvania vs. Edmunds, 586 A2d. 887 526 Pa. 374).

Personal Injury

A skillful negotiator and powerful litigator, Ken Burkley is the attorney you want on your side when filing a civil action. If you are injured because of another person’s negligence, suffer a catastrophic injury or you lose a loved one in an auto accident, call Mr. Burkley as soon as possible to discuss your case. He will help you feel at ease knowing you have one of the most respected lawyers in Westmorland County on your side.


If you have a business or personal dispute with a business or another person, your only alternative to resolve the matter may be through going to court. Mr. Burkley, one of the top litigators in the area, will be a powerful advocate for you whether you attempt to settle or fight it out in front of a judge.

Experienced and Respected Attorney in Westmoreland County

Kenneth Burkley’s peers and clients agree that he is one of the best attorneys in Greensburg. Call him to discuss your case and find out how good he is for yourself, you won’t be disappointed.

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